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BuzzWorthy Branding on a Bootstrap Budget

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What is branding?

Logos…. Taglines…. Images…  Yes!
Branding is the use of your business name, logo, tagline and images so that customers recognize and buy from good ol’ YOU!


Don’t get it confused though…Branding does way more than create recognition. It builds trust and loyalty within your market and also allows room for major growth within your business. Keep this in mind…Without a solid foundation, the house will crumble.

When you use an authentic Brand Image your campaigns are more successful, your market absolutely LOVES YOU, and you can expect to have a steady growth in sales year after year after year.

Some of the largest and most successful companies in the world have all used branding to build their marketing campaigns, which have also successfully grossed billions of dollars ...

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What you must consider when establishing a unique BRAND!

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Step One: Establishing your brand

Branding is definitely less mysterious when you realize that as a business owner, it really is all about becoming known for your specialty and for how people perceive you as a person, product or service.

Watch this quick 5 min video, then answer the questions below.

Instantly it becomes obvious that consistency will be the key in setting your brand. You need to always provide the same answers to these questions:

• What do your clients think of, when they…
o See your photo?
o Hear or read your name?
o See your logo?
o See the colors and graphic elements associated with your website and products?
o See your name/coaching title in their email inbox Subject Line?
o See a product or new blog post announcement?

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