Professional Logo Design – I Don’t Need One; I Am A Small Business!

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7 times out of 10, small business owners think that they don’t need to invest in getting a professional company logo design. Read why this could be a costly  mistake.

You are a small business owner and you think that investing in getting a professional logo design for your company would be a waste of your limited budget. From personal experience we know that could be a costly mistake.

There is nothing worse than a company trying to get a customer to “buy-in” to what they offer, yet they won’t even spend the extra time and money to buy a logo design or a website.

In this modern day and age, there are 1000s of companies in any given market. And all of these companies are competing for the exact same customer. I had a woman tell me the other day that her husband has a transportation service which he has been the only provider for the past 3 years. However, things are quickly changing…she said for the first time there are other companies entering this market. When I asked her if they had a logo that creates brand awareness and brand loyalty, she said “no”. They never thought they would need anything like that.

Customers these days are exposed to a distracting amount of “brand noise” day in and day out. From the time they get up in the morning, till they go to bed they come in contact with 100s of brand identities. To cope with this “brand noise”, most people just filter it out. This means that you need to have an identity that stands out from the rest and goes beyond just “noise”.

The starting point of any core identity is a good visual image of your company in the form of your company logo. This visual image or logo is like your hand shake and “How you doing?” to the world. You might have 4 seconds to grab your potential customer’s attention and your company logo is the first point of contact. It can either create a positive or a negative impression on your customer.

Investing a little time and money now in getting a professional company logo design will more than pay for itself. Ignore it and you could be kicking yourself down the line.  How do feel about the use of logo’s? Are they a “must-have” or a waste of time? Leave your comments below.


Kymlee is a Brand & Marketing expert for online businesses. Besides holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing, she has also owned and operated 3 successful businesses; one service based and two retail.

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