How to Boost Holiday Sales Using Special Discounts, Coupons and Much More!

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Tis the Season to be… Profitable!

And We’re Gonna Talk About How YOU can easily Cash in This Holiday Season.

Hands down, Christmas is my faaavorite time of the year for several reasons. One, it’s the last week of the current year (which means a fresh new start is on the horizon). Two, it represents a special time of giving your best gift (as Christ did for anyone who chooses to follow Him). AND…it’s a GREAT time to be more profitable!

Holiday Sales Tips Tricks

Some would argue that Christmas is more about giving than receiving, but I challenge you as a business owner to think about receiving as much as giving (but not with a greedy heart). You see,
the more you give, the more you receive, which turns out to be even more for you to give 🙂 As strange as it seems, there is an invisible law that is forever fixed and is universal. It’s referred to as “The Law of Sowing and Reaping” and it’s a boomerang effect!

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You can Cash in this Holiday Season by giving away your BEST special offers, discounts, sales and coupons. Here are 5 examples You can follow:

1. Make An Offer They Can’t Refuse

Create a sale that is so good that they can’t refuse. Add a special holiday code to all your products that make them so inexpensive that they feel like if they don’t buy them now they’ll miss out. This is really easy if you have digital products because you’ve already spent all the money you will spend on creating them. It costs you nothing to sell them at a discount.

2. Make The Offer Time Sensitive

Create a feeling of urgency in their need to buy your product by making the offer very time sensitive. “Get this price only for the next 24 hours for Cyber Monday!” Make it clear that they won’t see this offer again, this inexpensively and stick to your word about that. If the deal is that good they won’t pass it up.

3. Use Their Emotions

Use words that will pull emotions from your viewers. Acknowledge that they’re busy shopping for everyone else. If your items aren’t especially gift items, and you can’t figure out how to
make them gift items, then why not present them as “gifts to self”. Gifts they deserve to buy for themselves. Tell them why this is a good purchase and make them feel good about doing it.

4. Create a Special Sales Page

Don’t skimp out just because you’re having a huge sale, create a sales page that is just as good as you’d normally create for your items. Even though you’re planning on selling things so inexpensively it makes you cringe a bit, this is an important event and should be treated as such. If you don’t market your event as well as you would other events then you won’t get the page views and you won’t make enough sales to make up for the cheap price.

5. Tie The Offer to Charity

Finally, a great way to get your customers’ attention is to tie the sale to raising money for a charity. Pick a charity everyone can easily get behind, something that is non political and helpful to people. This is where it’s important to know your audience well. You could even have a contest leading up to the sale about which charity to support.

By making the offer super good, time limited, emotional and special you will break through their will not to buy anything during the holidays. They won’t want to miss out on this once a year
opportunity to buy your products and / or services. You won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to cash in during the holiday season.

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