About Kymlee


Kymlee is a Brand & Marketing expert for Entrepreneurs who love the idea of a successful business, but can’t figure out the formula to make it all happen.

Through her totally clever techniques, and ability to get the job done, she’s here to teach women the secret formula  —  while making it all feel like a dream come true.

Besides holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing, she has also owned and operated 3 successful businesses; one service based and two retail.  Plus, she’s been featured in local media; both television and radio.

And when she’s not working, you can find her indulging in D.I.Y. projects, great books and frequent travels.
If you’re ready to Boost your online presence – and create an Upsurge of sales 🙂

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Bonnie1Bonnie Weiss – Certified Life Coach

Thank you so much Kim!  I love my new website and am so glad we met last March.  You have created a beautiful site and I appreciate you so much. Looking forward to working with you in the future!

MindyMindy Blume – Entrepreneur

So Kim, last night I started teaching a 4-week knitting class. When I wrote my advertisement I did just like you said and marketed to a very specific group of 20-something and on women. I expected to have maybe 1/2 a dozen people in the class but last night there were 11 and four of them were male! So cool! 🙂 Had to share about how using something I learned at your seminar worked way beyond my expectations!

SharonSharon Shelton – Certified Health Coach

What a great conference! You helped me immensely, Kim. I immediately started thinking about my future in concrete, tangible concepts and began organizing my thoughts about my goals. I realized that I MUST put my concepts DOWN ON PAPER. Then I can see my thoughts…rearrange…add…discard…and finally mold them into a shape that makes sense, and is workable. Man, you really stretched my mind. Thank you, thank you for your support and direction.

RandallRandall Hughes – Entrepreneur

Your conference enabled me to clearly see what obstacles I am bringing into my life, and gave me a variety of tools to empower myself to live an authentic life, and choose the experiences. I felt challenged to step out of my limited perceptions and assumptions, and I felt compassionately guided by Coach Kymlee. The experience allowed me to see the common goodness and sincere appreciation of participants, and gave me a safe space to give up a false sense of being alienated from fellow entrepreneurs. It was truly enlightening to see other entrepreneurs in the conference facing  the same giants as I do. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!